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2d artists (characters, items, game graphic) - Muffy - Jul 14, 2015 04:41 AM

Hello, my name is Anton Yushin I am 2d artist. I'm working in CG graphics, drawing characters and graphics for games. Now I'm looking for freelance work. Here are some of my works.
[Image: dbcd86accdd0.png]
[Image: 113f266deb75.png]
[Image: 9f3249795f20.png]
[Image: 3129a22811e0.png]
[Image: 8a50c07f99ac.png]
[Image: 943cd5275724.png]
[Image: bd26ef994b12.png]
[Image: 7898dbb54748.png]
[Image: b8f589d42cb2.png]
[Image: b131cb9064e4.png]

If you like my works and you have a job for me, please, contact me by e-mail