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How is everyone? - Carlos Camacho - Mar 24, 2017 11:16 AM

Hello iDGers, how is everyone? Glad to see my baby still online. I imagine that the bulk of the people are now doing iOS development. I was thinking the other day about iDevGames when I saw a project to write a book about classic Mac gaming. I asked the author if he would talk about iDevGames. Rasp

As for me... I've been back from Japan in the states since 2008. Seems like a lifetime ago when I started iDevGames in Japan. I moved from CT to MA for a new job last year.

Recently, I ran into a real catch-22 with my Mac. After moving, it was in storage along with all my other computer gear. I dragged it out of the storage unit to grab some data and notice I needed to update the OS. So Apple Store asked for my password. Couldn't recall the password. So it went to two step-verification. Got the 4 digit code. But next it needed a key. Didn't recall what the key was either. So it gave me an option to get the key by logging in. ???? Anyways, something like that. So I had to guess at both and eventually it locked my account. I called Apple a few times and said their security page now automatically forwards me to a page that says I need to either use my password or make a new account.

It wouldn't be a big deal to make a new account except, I would want to remove my credit card from the old account plus, all my software registrations are tied to the old account. So basically, I lose the investment in all the software I purchased. Moral of story is DO NOT turn on Apple's two-step verification or you stand the chance of losing access to all your apps.

The entire situation has very much soured me on Apple and so I will most likely reformat my hard drive and test out some Linux distros.

Feels to me that Apple just doesn't care about Macs anymore. Anyone else fall into the catch-22?

As for development... recently I yearned for my old computer, a TRS-80 Color Computer. So I picked one up ... and then another 8bit... and another 8bit.... I have a nice collection of 80s computers now. LOL Once I find a house in MA, I want to setup a nice computer room with all these machines and tinker around with building some homebrew 8bit computers. Also planning to learn 6809 Assembly and some C-like languages as well as PASCAL to relive my glory days of programming.

Hope everyone is well!

RE: How is everyone? - Zwilnik - Apr 7, 2017 08:27 AM

Still hanging in there. Just noticed the iDev link in my bookmarks and realised I'd not clicked it in a while Smile

Strange Flavour's just hit its 13th birthday and we're working on our 30th game since we started Smile

RE: How is everyone? - Carlos Camacho - Apr 7, 2017 08:13 PM

Very cool!!!!

RE: How is everyone? - Skorche - Apr 8, 2017 01:22 PM

Hey! Been a long time! Andy and I still do Howling Moon Software. Currently I'm contracting on a PS4/Xbone game while Andy is working on Verdant Skies.

I too feel conflicted about Macs lately, but for different reasons maybe. Apple only puts non-integrated GPUs in their top of the line machines now, and they don't put top of the line GPUs in them. :-\ On top of that, you have OpenGL that is 5 years out of date and no whisper of Vulkan support. Metal is fine, but I'm not going to bother supporting it on OS X any more than I am going to bother with DirectX on Windows. While I'm not in the market for an upgrade, I'm also pretty uninterested in any of the current models. On the other hand, I don't mind Linux, it's just not as good of an experience as OS X. My experience so far with Windows 10 on the contract project has been almost universally bad, so I can't really see myself taking that route...