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Free Models - Gaveno - Dec 21, 2004 03:57 PM

I decided since i have quite a bit of free time that i will make 3d models for people on request. I am not pro but im pretty good and if you dont have a modeler or modeling skills i will probably do.

So if you want a model heres what i need from you.
1. Email address to send the finnished model to, or to contact you on information.
2. Description of what you would like. Style, Type of object, low poly or high poly, ext.
3. Any pictures you have that will give me a better idea of what you want.
4. Credit to me in your game. (Modelers - Gavin Atkin, others).

Here are some pictures of models ive made.
[Image: SmoothPlane.png]
[Image: Gun.png]
[Image: Goron.png]
[Image: Chu-Chu.png]
[Image: BullThing2.png]
[Image: BullThing.png]
[Image: Bottle.png]
[Image: Grenadev2.png]
[Image: Plane2.png]
[Image: Plane1.png]

I dont do much texturing so if you request a texture i will try but it wont be that great.