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Just in time for Movember - iPee The Urinal Games - EndeavorBros - Nov 8, 2009 12:25 AM

November 7, 2009 SK, Canada – Just in time for Movember Endeavor Bros Interactive Software has launched iPee – The Urinal Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unzip and let the games begin!

iPee is the game that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Unzip, grab hold and take aim at 8 mini-games. Whether it is tracing shapes in the snow, putting out a campfire or squaring off against a moving urinal, your accuracy, precision and technique will be tested.

Created by the independent developer Endeavor Bros Interactive Software, the game features an intuitive control system and a carnival game feel applied to the levels. iPee is a game designed for you to quickly pick up and play. So whenever you have a spare moment, “Unzip and let the games begin!” iPee is the best pee game on the market for the best press price at $1.99. Can you get the high score? The power is in your hands.

Endeavor Bros Interactive Software is an independent developer of mobile games. Their business culture is one of social responsibility. Every app created by Endeavor Bros Interactive Software will be in support of a charity. Twenty cents from every download of iPee will support the fight against prostate cancer. Visit them online at

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