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Type Tool - an app that some might find useful - monteboyd - Apr 22, 2011 07:01 PM

Hi guys,

This is the latest app I have created in the contract role I'm currently in with Appland. I'm posting it here because I thought some of you might find it useful even though it is geared more towards apps than games.

Type Tool

Here's some info from the app description:

Tired of developers guessing what font settings to use when they look at your designs? Type Tool helps professional iPhone designers with the right settings for pixel-perfect text rendering in their application designs.

- See standard type faces and sizes for iPhone using the Size Chart
- Compose screens and create contextual font settings using the Typesetter
- Get full Photoshop text settings for each iPhone font and size
- Switch between positive and negative (black text on white / white text on black) by simply flipping the phone downwards

N.B. I'm aware of the typo on the info screen which has the resolution as 640x480 and not 640x960 - whoops! Fix coming in an update I'll be working on next week.