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Fly-n-BOOM! Lite out now (Free-Demo) - Bandit - May 20, 2011 11:49 AM

Hey everyone! =D

I have released the LITE (FREE DEMO) version of my Physics-based game Fly-n-BOOM! [Universal App] Please check it out and I truly hope you enjoy, thank you! =D

iTunes Page:

YouTube video of me playing and talking about the FULL VERSION of the game:

- Mike


Bunny mad! No one plays a prank on this bunny! Hold on tight as you fly your screaming friend and his rocket into those pranksters, blasting them and anything else around!

Fly-n-BOOM! Lite features four levels of challenging physics-based fun to try and three training levels from the full version. Play in two engaging worlds, each with cool characters and a unique, artistic and cartoon-inspired design. Contains energetic, funny and comical sound effects. Lively animations, which immerse you in the vibrant world. Lots of replay value as you try to get a high score and 3 golden rockets for each level.

Dodge obstacles such as cannon balls as you maneuver through the environments. Crash into particle bombs, which blow up and hurl particles into the surroundings. Many levels require more than brute force to complete so get your thinking cap on! A light-hearted game for all ages!

About the Developer:

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada Michael Smith has been an avid gamer his whole life and also an active member of the gaming community. After graduating from Brock University he worked at a major Video Game Company for just under three years. He made a bold decision to pursue his own path, where he could bring his own ideas to life and build an engaging relationship with customers and the gaming social scene. He truly believes video games are an evolving form of art.