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MathFall for iPhone/IPad out now! - aerospaceman - Jun 7, 2011 10:59 AM

Thank you, everyone who has helped me out on this forum!
My game is now available in the app store:

Who said doing math isn't exciting? Probably many have, but now you can prove them wrong with this game! Get the number on the ball close to zero by bouncing it on triangles and through numbers.
Don't let the ball touch the bottom of the screen! Keep an eye out for helpful power-ups...and watch out for power-downs. Will you be able to achieve the supreme rank of Math Genius?


Physics based pulse pounding gameplay.
20 premade levels of increasing difficulty.
Random level generator for infinite gameplay.
Intuitive controls.
Four Math operations.
Dynamic level environments

Get it here:

RE: MathFall for iPhone/IPad out now! - ThemsAllTook - Jun 7, 2011 11:09 AM

Looks cool, congratulations on the release!

RE: MathFall for iPhone/IPad out now! - aerospaceman - Jul 21, 2011 05:00 PM

MathFall updated to version 1.1 with improved graphics!

re you ready to have fun ... doing Math?
MathFall is a new and exciting puzzle game which combines the fast-paced gameplay of the classic Breakout arcade game with simple Math operations. It's a totally new gaming experience made just for your IOS device!

Use your paddle to bounce the ball on triangles and through numbers and get the number on the ball close to zero. Each level has an unique challenge, and, with the random level generator, the fun continues even after you complete the 20 levels already created for you!
Once you play this game, you will never look at arithmetic in the same way. Power-ups that might help ... or not, and levels that change while you play will always keep you guessing what's coming next. Can you reach the supreme rank of Math Genius?

Twenty fast and furious levels designed to entertain and challenge you.
Random level generator for never ending fun.
A style of gameplay that is both intuitive and unpredictable. You can replay levels to increase your total score and ranking.
Power-ups with more advanced Math: fractions and roots.
You don't have to be a PhD to become ... the Math Genius!

[Image: 26688823032270366766920.jpg]

[Image: 26697223032273033433320xpc.jpg]

[Image: 28004023032277033432920.jpg]