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Chipmunk 6.0.2 released - Skorche - Sep 20, 2011 09:38 PM

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What's New?

A few bug fixes and a lot of minor improvements in this version. Especially for Objective-Chipmunk. The Angry Chipmunks Objective-Chipmunk/Cocos2D tutorial has also been updated to take advantage of the new features in Objective-Chipmunk such as smartAdd: and smartRemove:.
  • API: Added cpSpaceIsLocked() to check if you are in a callback or not.
  • API: Removed the long deprecated [ChipmunkSpace addShapeAHandler:] and [ChipmunkSpace addShapeBHandler:] methods.
  • API: The ChipmunkObject protocol now can return any NSFastEnumeration object instead of just an NSSet.
  • API: The largely useless [ChipmunkSpace addBaseObjects:] and [ChipmunkSpace removeBaseObjects:] methods were removed.
  • API: Added [ChipmunkSpace smartAdd:] and [ChipmunkSpace smartRemove:] methods for a consistent API to remove objects inside and out of callbacks.
  • API: Added [ChipmunkSpace addPostStepBlock:key:] to complement [ChipmunkSpace addPostStepCallback:selector:key:].
  • API: Added [ChipmunkSpace addPostStepAddition:].
  • API: Objective-Chipmunk collision handlers no longer retain their target to avoid reference cycles.
  • BUG: Soft errors (only checked when debug mode is enabled) and warnings were disabled. Whoops.
  • BUG: cpShapeIsSensor() was incorrectly named in chipmunk_ffi.h.
  • BUG: It should be safe to call cpActivateBody() from an space iterator callback now.
  • MISC: Very nice bouyancy demo added based on callbacks.
  • MISC: Player demo updated and greatly enhanced by Chipmunk 6 features.
  • MISC: Changed adding a static body to a space from a warning to a hard error.
  • MISC: cpGroup and cpCollisionType now default to uintptr_t so you can safely use pointers instead of ints for these types.
  • MISC: Updated the MSVC10 project file.
  • MISC: Updated the FFI defs.

I haven't integrated the auto geometry (video demonstration: code yet, as I need to rearrange a bunch of my projects to do that. I figured it would be better to get the release done than hold it up more as I do that. Objective-Chipmunk or Chipmunk Pro owners can still get the code separately in the Chipmunk Pro downloads directory.