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Haxe & iPhone - GameHaxe - Jul 29, 2009 10:11 PM

Hi All,
Haxe is an open-source langauge very similar to adobe's actionscript. It has many features that make it a desirable language - see for more details.

From the same code base, you can generate "neko" bytecode that will run on Mac, Linux and Windows, javascript code that will run in a browser, php code to run on a webserver or flash code for browser based games.

And now C++ code that will run on Mac, iPhone, Linux, & Windows.

Due to the similarities between Haxe and Actionscript, it is possible to write code using the flash API, and then compile it to run on the iPhone. See for more details.

"Under the Hood", the code runs SDL with OpenGLES support and has built-in garbage collection to make coding easy.

If you are familiar with the flash graphics API, you will be able to write games for the iPhone and also have them run in a browser - doubling your output.


Haxe & iPhone - monteboyd - Jul 30, 2009 01:02 AM

I know there are lots of Objective C beginners who have loads of Actionscript experience who will be delighted to hear about this. Do you have any demos running on the iPhone yet? Any info on performance etc?

Haxe & iPhone - GameHaxe - Jul 30, 2009 09:40 PM

I have a few demos going - for a simple sprite-style game(ie, using bitmaps rather than animated vector art) you can get 30-60 fps.
The physics based demo (you can see the screenshots on the web site) run at about 17fps at this stage, but it uses vector graphics.
I'm hoping to put together a reasonable demo in a week or two, once a few of the usability issues are ironed out.