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Space Tap (line-drawing & tower-defence game) - PlayingSpecies - Oct 30, 2011 09:17 AM

Hi fellows,

we are just finishing our first iOS game. We are the huge fans of the tower defenses and line drawing games. We have decided to put them together and here is our baby.

The few facts about the game:

You are a Space Controller in an increasingly busy delivery business.
Lead ships into the docks, watch them unload their cargo and direct them off the screen.
But be careful not to let the ships crash, and watch out for the competitive ships and asteroids! Keep chaos under control.
  • Beautiful high resolution graphics
  • Exciting space maps
  • Space ships of three sizes and three colors
  • Asteroids and competitive space ships
  • Increasing difficulty from peace of cake to hardcore control
  • Earn achievements
  • Fast-paced line drawing
  • Experience tower defense element: face to waves of the ships


[Image: space_tap_screenshots01.jpg]

[Image: space_tap_screenshots03.jpg]

[Image: space_tap_screenshots02.jpg]


2 icons for Space Tap. What icon do you like? Which one is the better?

[Image: icon_promo.jpg]

The game is almost finished, we are just testing before the release. We hope it will be available on Appstore as soon as possible.

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SmileSmileSmile Thanks for your support and have fun. SmileSmileSmile

RE: Space Tap (line-drawing & tower-defence game) - harryballs - Oct 30, 2011 09:41 AM

Congratulations on your upcoming game release. It looks pretty interesting. Are you planning to create a new trailer for the release? You zoomed out on this trailer. Other game trailers use much closer close ups to the screen.

I like the icon on the left. Would it be possible to send us a note at hb AT to let us know when the game goes live in the App Store please? Also what is your game company name?