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My 4th game finally released! - Galfaroth - Mar 20, 2012 07:06 AM

Hi. Smile

My name is Peter and I’m an iPhone Developer.

I would like to show you my recent iPhone game: PIMP Tycoon: Slot Machine.

I wanted it to be a game that takes you to the old Las Vegas Casinos where winning money was as easy as clicking one button and as attractive as beautiful women surrounding you Wink.

FREE, so download now and tell me what you think about it.

Appstore link:

[Image: screensslot.jpg]

Uploaded with

- old Las Vegas casino atmosphere
- amazingly beautiful women
- original 'pimpish' items instead of clichéd images of lemons, cherries etc.
- detailed antique slot machines with dynamic animations
- original soundtrack of oldschool jazz music
- realistic sounds of slot machines, padlocks, jingling coins and cards
- 7 different challenges
- 1 line, 3 reels, 5 bet rates, 8 items