3D Flying Space Dog fight Shooter: Play Beta

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Hey everyone I am almost done with my first game and Ive been working on it for 11 weeks now... Its just me the artist and a coder friend of mine who we met on reddit... The game uses the untiy engine and you can play it right in your browser... Graphics settings and keyboard controls are in the menu... Good luck and enjoy "Aeos Rift" http://red7.squarespace.com/storage/AeosRift.html

Btw if there is nobody playing just add some AI into the game before you start that way you have something to blow up.... And the controls play like a standard FPS
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Very pretty.
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I collided with one asteroid, and it appeared I was stuck (bad collision?) on it without being able to pull away.

flying the ship felt nice. It reminded me of Descent 3, but slightly less agile. I could see myself playing something like this if it weren't multiplayer (cause face it, multiplayer + not widely known = lack of stuff to do)
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