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First things first - this is not a job offer. A small group of experienced artists/designers, all long serving game and advertising industry professionals need a programmer to help realise a new project in return for an equal share of all profits along with equal say in all decisions including directorship if/when a company is formed. Probably best suited to someone in the Midlands/Northwest/Northeast to give the opportunity for reasonably regular meetings.

Basically 2D, with a fast, addictive, very retro yet completely original style of play, utilising the unique features of the platform within a rich and appealing graphic environment, the project is planned for iphone, Ipad android and possibly facebook and beyond.

A fully detailed design document, concept and character designs, level design and some animation are already in place as well as logos and branding design - we are not playing around. Character based, with strong, original designs created specifically to appeal to a wide target market and thus be an attractive merchandising and licensing property beyond the gaming sphere.

To date this has been a spare time operation (no one is giving up the day job - yet) nontheless substantial planning, research and development has already gone into the design and marketing of the project and the intention is to create a strong, appealing brand identity and market it agressively across all platforms.

If you're interested please PM me in the first instance to discuss further.
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