Nomsters - Large Animal's First iOs Game Feedback Requested

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We here at Large Animal Games are about to release our first iOs game, "Nomsters" and would love some feedback on the look and feel of it. Below are three short videos of the game followed by some screen shots. You can also see some more clips of the gameplay at our kickstarter page here: Nomsters Kickstarter


Being played on an iPad. Sorry for quality of video!
Gameplay 1
Gameplay 3

Imgur Album

Thanks a lot for any and all feedback! Harsh criticism welcome as well of course.
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Looks pretty nice to me, but I can nitpick a bit:
  • This is of course mostly personal preference, but for an art style like this, I'd have tried to keep the gradient usage down and add some heavier outlines around shapes. The idea would be to visually separate distinct elements to keep things from blending together into a mush. This screenshot strikes me as particularly painful to look at:
    There are a lot of oversaturated colors, and the glow effects on the right side of the screen aren't helping anything. Notice how the text blends right into the orange glow; not nearly enough contrast! Definitely looks better in motion (I watched the videos), but this screenshot comes across as a busy mess.
  • As a smaller and more specific point, have you tried thinner eyebrows on the characters? They strike me as being awfully thick. I might try moving their eyes farther apart too (other than Chunk, of course). The crease down the middle of Mr. Shplitz is pretty unconvincing for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe because it's so directly facing the viewer and comes out as a vertical line...rotating him just a bit on the Y axis to make that into a curve could help a lot.
  • As for the feel, this seems a bit less interactive than I'd like. In the Gameplay 3 video, the fly alert doesn't appear until you've already flung your character. Can I change my flight path before I've come to rest? If not, there isn't a darn thing I can do about those flies, so I just have to hope I'll run into them by chance (I guess? Not sure what they do exactly if you don't). This seems to be in a genre that doesn't have a whole lot of interactivity, though, so maybe it just needs some tweaks...deceleration feels like it drags on a bit before stopping, so tightening that up so I can move again quicker might help.

Those are just some of my initial impressions. Seems fairly good overall! Nicely polished and professional looking.
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Looks like a fun concept!
I agree with Took's nitpicks. I wonder if, instead of simply thinner eyebrows, what about different textures? I see some different textures on the eyes of the flies, so why not on the nomsters?

Without being able to play, can you describe the overall goal of the game a little more?

Note: Thrusty McGee sounds like a name that belongs in a movie with a title like "Logjammin'." The Dude doesn't exactly abide, but whatever, that's a minor point.

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