Electronic musician looking to get into iOS game music

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Hello all, my name is Giovonni Lobato and I am a musician and sound engineer (mostly mixing and mastering) looking to do a little game composition. I am a huge game lover and the process of game composition is fascinating to me, so I'd love to get my foot in the door.

I work mostly in the realm of electronica, but I also play guitar and own a menagerie of instruments from autoharp to melodica.

I'm definitely attracted to composing for mobile, and I would love to really dig in and see how the whole process works. I know I'm just starting out and it seems like a lot of composers post on these forums, so I won't bother you too much but I thought it was at least worth a shot!

[1] Watch Me - One of my dancier tracks, downtempo and D&B.
[2] Meaningless Exaggerations - Something a little more ambient.
[3] Bandcamp Page - You can listen to all of my tracks here.
[4] Personal Website/Discography/Portfolio

-Rising senior at NYU studying Recorded Music with a minor in Computer Science.
-Guitar - 8 years self taught

Hardware and Software
-Ableton Live
-8 Channel Tascam USB interface
-Small collection of microphones

I know that I am just starting out, and budgets these days can be pretty tight. I would love to get paid, however for the right project, I would be willing to work for free!

You can contact me at my website or email me at giolobato {at} gmail.com

Thanks for taking a look and best wishes on all of your games!

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