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I am looking for a ios game developer to become part of a start up that i am doing. The developer/s would need to have good experience developing advanced games with social features. The game idea i have is very interesting and something that has not been done before to my knowledge.

Now before you leave your probably thinking, well i am an experienced developer and can create great games but like most developers are sick of the guy with the idea that doesn't program and has nothing to offer. So first of all you would get equity which is something most people can offer.

Now heres what i have to offer to the company. First of all i am a graphic designer and a video editor and very good in these areas respectively, secondly i am not looking for someone who is a great businessman just a great developer doesn't need to be able to design well but just needs to code or know how to program games (ios) at a very good standard. I will take care of all the business aspects of the business and allow you to get on with doing what you do best (programming).

I come from a good business oriented family (dad is vp of a company that turns over £300 million a year etc.) however this is not about my dad this is my chance to make my mark in both business and games. I personally have a business diploma at the grade equivalent of 4 A*'s and know the ins and outs of business very well. I have created a number of startups and also owned a youtube channel which had 15,000 subscribers. ( good understanding of consumer wants and marketing)

so if you are interested please feel free to pm me on here, please provide some work aswell. I have a number of artists on board but programmers are my real need.

Thanks for reading! look forward to your replies.

Look forward to creating the next big thing with you!
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