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Hello, I'm interested in creating a game and I unfortunately do not know how to program. However I am a pretty good artist.
So I am posting this to find a team the will help me. The idea of the game is fairly complex, and it is a strenuous process I'm assuming (this is my first time creating a game).
The concept of the game is this, the real world, or the macro, is a large suburban area. The game is fully first person. The twist, every person has a nano, a microscopic organism that is attached to the mind. If it dies, you die.
At the beginning of the game, you customize your person, as well as your nano. These nanos are a mix of DNA, from all kinds of animals. So during customization, you choose a set animal and then mix it up.
You get into the mind of these nanos through a mask of some kind (not decided yet) but that comes over your eyes. You fall into paralysis and now control the nano at a microscopic level. The purpose of the game you say? Become the best.
I thought on this idea for a long time, and many games include levels and items that will make your person better or have an advantage. I said to myself, no. This will all be based on pure skill, tactical advantage, and luck. There will be no levels, no items, (there will be items to customize your nano or person for strictly looks) and no way to win other than skill. So to change it up, I decided that if you die, your player wont come back and you'll have to start over.
This could cause annoyance if your nano was complex, so there will be a way to set nano presets as well as character presets.
Now for payment. For the development, I will take 0% of the profit until the games pays off the developers and designers, at that point we will decided within our group of the pay etc.
It would be awesome if you could come and help me out with this game.

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