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My project targets both iOS and mac osx. I'm trying to embed a true type font using the "fonts provided by application" key in both target's info.plist however, it only works for the iOS version - additionally I tried using ATSApplicationFontsPath for the osx target but no luck either. Any ideas?
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Did you (for example) set ATSApplicationFontsPath to "Fonts" and then add a Fonts folder into the Resources folder of the application bundle? (Has to be a blue folder in Xcode, not a yellow folder.) Or you can add a custom Copy Files build phase to copy into a Fonts subfolder of Resources and make sure the ttf file is added to that build phase rather than the standard Resources phase.
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ATSApplicationFontsPath is pretty finicky and I'm pretty sure (from memory) not all the cases mentioned in the documentation actually work.

For Extendaword I apparently couldn't make it work at all, and ended up doing this:
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