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Hi there,

I'm Philip, CEO and Founder of www.OrionExchange.com

What is OrionExchange?

OrionExchange is a Free Mobile Application Advertising Platform/Exchange. Also, we're a helping hand to any iOS and/or Android developer. We offer extra advertising solutions complimentary with our other services, such as free Ad space, free blog posts about your Applications, free Twitter and Facebook mentions, free reviews and more.

How does OrionExchange work?

1.) Install our SDK into your Application.
2.) Serve Ads. For every Ad served, you'll earn 1 Credit. You can target which Ads you serve by category. For example, only 'Productivity' Ads.
3.) Spend your Credits on impressions of your banner in other Apps. 1 Credit = 1 un-targeted impression. You can customise the look of your banner by text, font and color, as well as customise and target advertising categories.

OPTIONALLY: Purchase Credits, we have packages ranging from $2 to $550. The $550 is our best value, worth 1,000,000 Credits (1 million impressions!).

What extra services can OrionExchange offer?

Really, there's no limit to our extra advertising services. We can do as little or as much as you'd like, within reason. Simply e-mail us to request a service - Support@OrionExchange.com

We offer these complimentary to most users:

- Twitter and Facebook App link mentions.
- Blog posts with App link + possibly App icon
- Weekly newsletter mentioning App + App link
- We'll send off your App + App link to 20k Developers via e-mail.
- App Review + Rating

Some of these services are only available to users who have installed our SDK code or purchased Credits.

Benefits of using our network:

- 24/7 dedicated support
- Free marketing and advertising advice
- We'll endeavour to advertise your Applications!
- Both iOS and Android accepted!
- We're always giving away free Credits
- Only display other Apps, not pointless & ugly advertising banners.
- Targeted advertising and MANY more features to come!

We hope you've learnt a bit about us and you'll use our Ad Network.

Thank you for reading!

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We're paying 0.50c per 1 thousand impressions on your App to a couple of developers. This is a temporary thing (probably around 1-2 weeks).

Not only are you getting 0.50c, you'll also get 1 Credit per impression, and you can spend these Credits on your own advertising on our website.

Therefore you're getting the following:

- Money to display a banner
- Free Advertising!

If you're interested, just leave a message here or e-mail Support@OrionExchange.com

Thank you.
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For a short period only, we're offering $0.60c per 1K impression you serve AND 1 Credit per impression.

This will give you:

a.) A cash reward.
b.) Explosive advertising power!

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