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We have launched new service called, which should help developers, with iTunes promo codes management and we would really welcome any feedback about what important features you might be missing or what could be done differently. is currently in beta version and it is available for FREE on

Main features are:

Smart promo code management.
you send a special “Code link” instead of the promo code itself; the real promo code is dispersed only when the recipient is interested in trying your app. As the number of these links is not limited in any way, everyone has the possibility to download the app for free with just two clicks. At the same time, codes are not wasted on those who are not interested. Furthermore, unlike the traditional promo codes - and as an added bonus - the links never expire.

Effective giveaways.
You can set the number of codes to giveaway and then paste the giveaway link to Facebook, Twitter or a forum. will create a landing page, offer to distributes free codes for the lucky ones, and direct purchase for the rest. As an added value, users do not have to waste time copying and pasting the promo codes, only to find out that they have already been redeemed.

Useful statistics.
These make it easy to find out who has used your codes and how your promotions or giveaways have performed

Press recruiting page.
On this page, the press guys can request promo codes for application. "If you want the promo code for our app, send us an email," is boring. You can now use a special recruitment link instead - far better and far easier!

Supports iOS App store and Mac app store apps

We have been using it for promoting our own apps and it really helped us a lot to get much more reviews and therefore better exposure, so we have decided to improve it and offer it to other developers.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Ondrej from Tappytaps.
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