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We're Recruiting!

We are currently recruiting for all staff sections. If you have knowledge in one of the positions below, please take the time to fill out the application! We are looking for you! With winter coming soon our fingers have frozen on the keyboards and we need some help.

Head Developer
This is a highly paid position.

Job duties include but are not limited too.

  • Monitoring servers for stability and taking both proactive and reactive measures to correct and prevent issues.
  • Providing fellow system administrators and support representatives with technical support and guidance.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining services such as Apache, MySQL
  • Implementing routine and custom patches and fixes to our live game servers.
  • Maintaining the staff permissions system (granting access to new devs, removing access from devs that leave)
  • Ability to be the main "on call" person for issues that arise.

Required skills:
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language.
  • Ability to work well with a team in a fast paced, constantly changed environment and follow instructions from supervisors and senior colleagues.
  • Dependable to be at work during assigned shifts and to complete work as expected.
  • Advanced knowledge of cPanel/WHM control panel.
  • Advanced knowledge of the Linux operating system.
  • Knowledge of Bash and Perl shell scripting, crontab.
  • Knowledge of SQL commands.
  • Knowledge of Web Development highly preferred: i.e. PHP, JQuery/JavaScript, OO.
  • Knowledge of TrinityCore and C++ highly preferred.
  • Advanced knowledge of Apache.
  • Flexible schedule.

Prefer individuals who are dedicated, don't mind long hours in a fun, dynamic environment, and have an interest in gaming and World of Warcraft. Please send your resume and salary requirement to recruiting@eternal-wow.com

Developer Recruitment

Eternal-WoW is one if the most successful and popular WoW private servers in the world. One of the best aspects of working here is the joy of seeing a large community of players enjoy your efforts. We have openings for the following:

Core Dev

  • Must be proficient in C++ and Trinity API (will be tested)
  • Must have experience in using Git or Github
  • A portfolio of previous work either for the Trinity API or other C++ programs is a huge plus
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants

Marketing Guru

  • Social and Black/White Hat Marketing. You should understand most of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SENuke, XRumer, Scrapebox, backlinking, Google index rank tweaking, viral marketing, etc.
  • You will be hired if you know more than me on how to market to the right target audience
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants
  • Find Cyph3r or Mattmeck on our Teamspeak server to apply for this position (Address: ts.eternal-wow.com Port: 4000)
Web Dev

  • PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JSON, Smarty, JavaScript, OO Programming experience required
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants


If you don't know about INNER JOIN or INSERT...SELECT statements, or what a subquery is, look elsewhere. TDB experience is a plus, but not required. Your queries must be clean, efficient, and they must be able to be re-run an infinite number of times without fail or duplication.
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