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Hi there,

I am an audio composer. I have a 7 years experience as a composer.
I'm mainly influenced by Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, Guild Wars, Oblivion, Morrowind...), Inon Zur and James Newton Howard.

I compose great quality tunes from creepy to epic cinematic music.
I have experience in games, short films, rock and metal bands music as I worked for all of them.

I'm based in Brussels (Belgium) and will gladly contribute for your projects.
Here is a soundcloud set I've especially made for you guys, so you can judge about the quality of my workflow:

Some adventure/orchestral music I've made recently
http://youtu.be/m8hkZIi43WU (orchestral/adventure music)
http://youtu.be/RDf6zx6X48A (creepy music)

If you are interested you can contact me at:
mail: agaev.vladimir@gmail.com
FB: http://www.facebook.com/vlad.impakt
Website: http://vladimiragaev.wix.com/vladimiragaev

Catch you later and thank you for your time.
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Soundcloud set updated, 4 songs added Wink
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Firstly, welcome to the forums Grin Secondly, please don't double post Wink

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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