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When I right click a jpeg, Open with always wants to list one million apps that can open it. Since most apps can open jpegs, it takes forever to list them. Uhg. Isn't there a way to tell Mac OS X, just list some select few apps that I might want to use to open them instead of listing everything under the sun?

My other question has to do with Photoshop. I actually prefer to use it sometimes on Windows more as the scroll wheel allows you to scroll through settings for the layers. I've tried and tried, but I don't see a way to do that on the Mac version of Photoshop... (I have a M$ mouse)


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Here's an evil way: http://www.manytricks.com/openwithmanager/ - sounds like it edits each applications plist...
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You can use shift-plus and shift-minus to change the blend mode of the current or selected layers. Seems better than the scroll wheel to me (especially on modern Mac laptops and mice where scrolling is very fine-grained).
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