Hiring puzzle designers!

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1. Do you like puzzles?
2. Do you like creating puzzles that make people cry and feel stupid until they solve it and then feel super-smart?
3. Do you like working with clever coders, awesome artists, and magnificent musicians?
4. Are Portal, Limbo, and Braid amongst your favorite games of all time?
5. Are you devilishly attractive?

IF you answered "yes" to three or more of the above questions, then it's very possible that we have some contract work for you at BinkWorks. Benefits include good pay, quality conversation (well, quantity at least), and tasty food (if you bring it).

Interested? Shoot me an email at lincolngreen at binkworks dot com with the subject line "Wibbly wobbly time wimey stuff". OR add me on Skype - flaminghairball.


- Lincoln Green
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