Looking for feedback on new iOS trivia game

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I would like to invite you to try the beta version of the iPhone/iPad game “Spelling Millionaire 2”. The current version is fully playable and we are looking for feedback. We have created a simple yet challenging game that we believe is very entertaining and addictive. What do you think?

Spelling Millionaire 2, challenges you to guess if the words that are presented to you are correctly written or not. In each round you have to guess fifteen words of increasing difficulty, and if correct you are rewarded, with the goal of winning one million.

Full game features:
- 4 game modes: normal, expert, fast and child.
- More than 2,000 words grouped by their level of difficulty.
- A definition of each word is available.
- Wildcards for consulting the public and overtime.
- Chance of setting records by country or the entire world in an online panel.
- British and American dictionaries.

A playable PC version is available through any web browser (not on the App Store yet)
Would you like to give it a try?
Password: wopf8

I would really appreciate it if after trying it you take the time to fill the short survey.
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Thank you Kat!

I really appreciate your time and comments regarding Spelling Millionaire 2.

Glad you like it Smile and agree it is not as easy as one may think.
The more you look to the word the more dificult it becomes to be certain. Grin
We will find the mysterious screen and fix it before releasing it.

Best regards,

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