You have developed an awesome game - now what?

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This is the question I am facing, but with high degree of certainty I can say that most developers here have been there. Yet there are a few developers that know perfectly what to do and I would love to hear from them Smile

You have developed a game and you think it is awesome and you are ready to submit it to AppStore. Of course your marketing budget is very limited, let's say close to zero. How do you minimize the chances that your game will disappear in the hundreds of thousands of other apps right away? I guess the question is too general and the answer will depend on the app. Here are some of more specific question that bother me:

1. Let's say the idea of the game is awesome. Tastes differ of course, but for the sake of the argument let's say it is. What is not quite awesome is the graphics. There are still a few loose pixels here and there. But polishing can take weeks and you will never reach perfection and there always be space for improvement. So, do you keep polishing until it is as close to perfection as it can be or do you release it and try to do updates often and fix things with the help of feedback from the customers?

2. Do you release it to the world or select a small country to test launch it there before making the game available in all international AppStores? It does look interesting to test your game on a small market before going to the US for example, but I never quite understood if the "preliminary" release eliminates completely your chances of being featured in new and noteworthy when you finally ready for your main market.

3. with marketing budget close to zero. what is the best way to spend a couple of hundreds that you do have? Better keep it? Wink

4. keywords, screenshots, website - check. any other things I forgot to get ready for the release?
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Speaking of the marketing side of it, you don't need to spend a lot to spread your work all over the web. If you have a little to invest, do it on Facebook ads. They're worth it, they're easy to manage, and they're cheap.
Think of yourself, scrolling down pages, and stopping only to what catches your attention. What is it? How is it worded? Try that. Try to think of someone who would be happy to hear about your app, and promote your app to that person, everywhere. Facebook groups, forums, all social media, be out there.
We at Guarana always listen to what the customer wants and search for reaching that.
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