AdWhirl has been shutdown... meet AdFlake

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some of you might know that AdWhirl has been shutdown a few days ago. We've used AdWhirl in most of our games and when the shutdown has been announced we started to build our own ad mediation service. Today, I'd like to introduce you to AdFlake -

AdFlake provides free ad network mediation for iOS and Android apps including house ads and up-to-the-minute analytics.
Right now we're supporting 14 ad networks, and we plan to add more ad networks and platforms (Windows Phone + Windows 8).
Integrating AdFlake into your app on either Android or iOS is dead simple and can be done within minutes.
If you're an AdWhirl user that's great, because you can migrate to AdFlake within minutes,
just change a few lines in your delegate and you're good to go - you don't even have to change the SDK.

AdFlake is also open source and everybody can start a pull-request with our repos on GitHub.
Check out our "Developer Resources" for more information about the SDK integration, website usage and more:

If you've got any questions I'd love to answer them here!

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Check out some screenshots of the AdFlake backend Smile

[Image: app1.png]

[Image: app2.png]

[Image: app3.png]

[Image: app4.png]

[Image: app5.png]
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