Is Piracy Really This High For Indie Developers?

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I really wanted to start a project with a friend and hopefully make this somewhat of a full time thing. But 90-95%? Seriously? How does piracy get THAT high? Does this happen for movies/music too? That literally 90% of potential sales are going to people who don't pay?

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(Oct 11, 2013 10:51 AM)Ghostfreak Wrote:  That literally 90% of potential sales are going to people who don't pay?

That's not what piracy means. From the linked article:

Quote:It’s very obvious to me that someone who is pirating the game wouldn’t buy it in the first place anyways so I want to use piracy as a way to do some marketing. At least the word is spreading around about the game through the game through that.

Pirated copies aren't usually potential sales. Instead of viewing it that way, which leads you down the path of making the lives of the 5-10% who pay for your game worse by imposing draconian DRM, you're better off just focusing on those who do pay and giving them the best experience you can. Be a nice guy (no DRM, pay what you want sales, etc.), and some people who might have otherwise pirated may feel guilty and end up paying. If you're a dick, some people who might otherwise have paid will end up pirating, particularly if it gives them a better experience (such as the pirated version having annoying DRM removed).

As long as your 5-10% is large enough to make a living (if those are indeed the numbers you get), does the 90-95% really matter to you?
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