What are the difficulties to bring farmer vs hunter(war3 platform) to ios?

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would like to know if its possible to bring farmer vs hunter to ios platform ?

because i believe this would be a great game in multiplayer mode connecting
people around the world.

simple yet entertaining,would the coding or game be too much for a ios tablet?
how much work would it be to extract only useful parts for the game instead of taking the whole war3 platform which would have problems in term of running it and copyright?

for those who do not know what farmer vs hunter is ,its basically a map full of cuttable trees (only by the farmers),played by multiple farmers and one or 2 hunters ,in which the farmers cut trees to hid them self building farms etc until they get enough resources to build towers to defend them self against the hunters and get strong enough to build resources that fight against the hunters,the hunters win if they survive a certain time
|thank you for youre time
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