Functions not being initialised onKeyDown

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Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered before. For some reason my functions aren't being initialised properly in my switch statement within glutKeyboardFunc. I have debugged glutKeyboardFunc to see if it is initialising my keyDown, and it is.

Here is my code:
void keyDown(unsigned char key, int x, int y)
   /*Switch to filled mode or line mode*/
    case 'o':
      drawn = !drawn;
    case 'n':
      printf("N pressed\n");


These functions are located above keyDown() in terms of layout. I assume this is happening because of placement of the functions themself.

[Image: QVJdXcW.jpg]

Thanks for any help
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From your console log, it’s clear this function is in fact being called, so what exactly is the problem?
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