Swift: Apple's new programming language

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Who saw THIS coming? Whoa... unexpected!

Here's the introductory book on the language, available for free in iBooks:

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I did not see this coming and after an initial freak out I'm pretty excited. Smile
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My code comments are about to become awesome.

Quote:“Naming Constants and Variables
You can use almost any character you like for constant and variable names, including Unicode characters:

let π = 3.14159
let 你好 = "你好世界"
let ?? = "dogcow”

Excerpt From: Apple Inc. “The Swift Programming Language.” iBooks. https://itun.es/ar/jEUH0.l

Edit: forum unicode fail, last one was supposed to look like in the attached pic.

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Haha, super pumped as well! Looks like there's still some stuff to iron out (private, protected, public as well as others) but liking these changes from Apple, exciting and different to see!

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Pfffft. It's no Hypertalk. Wink

Didn't expect this at all. I like the idea of it, and I like what features I've seen in the language so far (I've only gone through a small portion of the book.) I never like using platform-specific code, though, so I doubt I'd use it heavily for games. Also makes me glad I never committed too heavily to Obj-C.

The concept of playgrounds is very cool, though, and I can easily see myself using that to mock up algorithms or visualize/experiment with new interpolation functions. I've been wanting a good coding scratchpad for years.

And seeing a sandboxed version of playgrounds as an iOS app would be wonderful.

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