Small art team need a programmer (partner)

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Hello All -

Just to be clear, this isn't a job offer. A small group of (four) experienced artists/designers are looking to collaborate with a programmer to help realise a new project in return for an equal share of all/any profits along with equal voice in all discussions and decisions including input into gameplay and strategy. Our current programmer is having to step down due to unavoidable commitments and we need to replace him with someone preferably in the West Midlands/Northwest UK to give the opportunity for reasonably regular meetings.

Basically 2D, with a simple, repetitive yet strategic, fast, addictive, very retro, but hopefully completely original style of play, utilising the features of the platform in a rich and appealing graphic environment, the game is planned to work for iphone, Ipad, android and possibly beyond.

We've been working on the project for quite a while and a lot of art and animation is already in place (enough to produce a complete level for test/demo and beyond) also precise, fully detailed design documents together with logos and branding designs. The team has had experience with a great many licensed properties and the project is character based, with strong, original designs created specifically to appeal to a wide target market and hopefully be an attractive merchandising and licensing property beyond the gaming arena.

This is a spare time operation (no one is giving up the day job yet, but I figure we all have to start somewhere). So, I'm hoping it might appeal to someone in the same position?

If it sounds of any interest please PM me to discuss or for more information. Thanks for your time.
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I think your post will receive more interest if you make your post a little less nebulous and try to answer upfront a lot of the more obvious questions – eg. for what platform(s) was the previous programmer developing the game? What languages and libraries was the previous programmer using to develop the game? Are there any similar games? You state that a level of the game is complete (for testing purposes) – are you able to share any screenshots of that level? How – through being a "traditional" purchase, shudder adverts, or shudder IAP – is the game intended to make money? Etc.

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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