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Hi Folks

Not sure if anyone here can help, For reasons i cannot go into, one of our lectures is unable to teach certain modules on our programme

We are urgently looking for anyone interested in helping out and covering the following at our London Campus:

Here is the list of all the topics covered in Maths, and Games Programming 2. We are using OpenGL 1.1 graphics API for this except with shaders ( Games Programming 2 ) where a later version of OpenGL must be used ( we used OpenGL version 3 ).


- 3D Collisions:
AABBs (Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes ).
Static AABB - AABB Intersections, Dynamic AABB Intersections.

Spheres and Capsules:
Dynamic Sphere - Sphere Intersection test,
Sphere - Capsule Intersections.

Object - Object Collisions:
Sweep and Prune, Voxel Grids.

Object - Scene Collisions:
Collision Meshes,
Capsule - Triangle Intersections.
Collision Response.
Spacial Data Structures:
Voxel Grids,
Capsule - Octant Intersections, ( Capsule - AABB Intersections ).
Line Segment - AABB Intersections

- View Frustum Culling (VFC):
Frustum Intersections:
Clip Space,
Point in Frustum space,
AABB - Frustum Intersections,
Sphere - Frustum Intersections.
Extracting Frustum Planes.
VFC and Octrees,
VFC and Scene Graphs,

- Picking:
Picking in OpenGL,
Calculating Line Segment,
Game Object Picking.
Line Segment to Triangle Intersections.
False Colour Test.
Reading the Z Buffer..

Games Programming 2:

- Timelines.

- Mixing 3D and 2D:
Alpha Blending, glBlendFunc
Turning off Z Buffer,
Canonical View Volume,
Drawing a HUD ( Heads Up Display ),

- Bitmap Fonts

- Shaders and OpenGL Extensions:
Getting Extensions from OpenGL and Using GLEW ( Extensions Library ).
Basics of Shaders ( Vertex Shaders, Fragment Shaders, etc... ),
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