Circuit Dash: Fast paced twitchy arcade game

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Hey guys wanted to let everyone know about my new game game Circuit Dash. It is a fast paced ,twitchy, challenging arcade game that will test your speed, reflexes and ability to not to rage quit.

-2 Game Modes
-4 Difficulties
-50 Levels
-Lots of Circuits


[Image: saJKjek.png]

[Image: vENMbwK.png]

[Image: dJFpieI.png]

[Image: HmfWZ9M.png]

The game is nearing completion, not sure of the exact date it will be released, hoping for September, but I will keep posting updates here. Any feedback from the trailer and screenshots would be appreciated, thanks!
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[Image: tumblr_inline_nab1x736E01szj0lo.png]

So we decided to make a change to the teleporter system. In its old state it was very hard for players to successfully complete a level without at least dying a couple times because they had no idea where they would teleport to, even a player with the fastest reflexes would have a hard time not dying a few times the first time they play a level, which really takes the skill aspect out of it, making it more dependent on trial and error and memorization, which we did not want. There is now a number system on the teleporters so players can tell where they will be headed next. It really makes a world of difference and the game play is a lot more “fair” now, which I’m sure many will appreciate.

The change is not represented in the current Trailer that we have out, but you be able to see it soon in upcoming game play footage.
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The core gameplay idea is interesting.

Visually it's a bit of an odd mixture at the moment with the 8-bit music and sound effects, but non-8-bit graphics. You have flat colors, but it's not pixel-based so there's a bit of a disconnect. It's almost like, go full retro, or just be retro-inspired and juice it up.
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Hey guys we have a new trailer up for Circuit Dash you check it out at

Circuit Dash Trailer

There have been lots of changes to the game since the last game play footage we released, lots of new animations, sound effects, level redesigns, visual changes to the warping system, a new soundtrack along with many under the hood changes and optimizations.

The game has been submitted and we have finally set the release date to October 1st for the App Store.
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looks pretty sweet. i'll check it out!
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The concept is pretty darn tight. Definitely gonna check it out
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