Insindious Project Staff Recruitment - Complete!

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What's Insindious All About?
Insindious is my first game project, as I've said above, and I see it as an amazing opportunity for voice actors, programmers, artists and musicians to take take part in a project that would portray their skills to the world. Insindious is going to be set at a low price because I believe that is the best way to present it to as wide an audience as possible. We have, and when I say 'we' I'm talking about me and the few other developers we have, laid out the main themes, story, characters, art style, and map, battle system and game mechanics. For those interested in knowing; Insindious is a turn-based RPG with a 2-dimensional art style that allows free movement. The Insindious team has gathered many open source resources and worked into putting them together to make Insindious what we'd like it to be.

We have the foundation ready, however if there is anyone or any people here that are interested in helping out then I'd be more than happy to consider you! While we do have the fundamentals, we're currently looking for people who are skilled at visual arts, programming (especially in the Ruby Coding Language) and musical arts. I believe that we can use our individual skills to polish Insindious into something we, and this time I mean as a community, can be proud of! Below is a story synopsis of the world within Insindious, to give you a slight feel for the atmosphere.

Sketches and Character Reveals

Music Samples

Map Samples

[Image: IPRwM.png]
[Image: 27xlcsy.png]
HUD Designer (1)
We plan on utilizing a minimalistic, vibrant and easy to navigate system of interfaces to make the game easy on the eyes and easy to maneuver. A game such as an RPG can be very heavy on the menus, which is why we want to ensure players are pleased with the layouts. The game focuses around several themes and features many symbols, insignias and representative colours. We appreciate those who have an eye for style, symbolism and space management.

Landscape Artist (1)
Scenery and atmosphere are what give an RPG its nostalgic appeal. Surrounding the player in lush environments and presenting story situations and moments with colorful and detailed backgrounds gives the story and the world its own character. You may also be tasked with collaborating with our character artist when making layouts and promotional art; with those two powers combined we can deliver breathtaking impressions.

What we're looking for:

[Image: Map.png]
Map Creators (2)
You'll be tasks with uniquely designing and constructing vast, detailed, lush and vibrant maps. You'll be provided with all the tilesets necessary to create your maps, but you're free to edit and modify them to your liking. We'll be using a parallax method of mapping, meaning you'll be designing the base of your map in the engine, but heavily modifying it using a photo manipulation program to finely tune and enhance your map using multiple layers and absolute placement control.

You'll also be required to create a battleback (the area in which the 2 dimensional battle takes place) for your map (if applicable). Preferably we'll be using dynamic battlebacks which involve one still layer (the ground) and one or more moving layers (water/sky).

To see samples of what we have so far, check the Information section and look under 'Map Samples'

Tools Required:
Adobe Photoshop OR GIMP

What 'style' we're looking for:


Map Tuner/Texture Artist (1)
You'll be required to enhance and perfect existing maps. This includes fixing placement issues, properly adjusting object alignment, blending ground textures to give a rich and realistic feel, adding decorations to maps as deemed necessary and recolouring/modifying structures of objects to properly suit the atmosphere of the map region.

For samples of some maps that have been tuned well, please check above.

Tileset Creator (1)
If you have a steady hand and the ability to craft lovely custom tiles in which we could use in our mapping, this position is definitely for you. The key to making beautiful maps is not only making properly using tiles, but using tiles that are original and well crafted. This will give out maps their own sense of character and charm.

What 'style' we're looking for:

[Image: 2rxwvn4.png]
Battle Programmer (1)
We plan on designing an intricate battle system far beyond the standards of the engine's default features. This requires many scripted battle features working alongside each other in order to construct a robust, fast, fun and strategic battle system. This also includes the HUDs, management of sprite animations and custom skill animations/events.

Field System Programmer (1)
This position entails the code construction of the game's many field features and how they link/flow with one another. Systems such as weather, time, enemy proximity detection, blacksmithing and many of the HUDs (shops, main menu, dialogue selection, message boxes,etc.). You'll also be working alongside with the Battle Programmer in many ways when making linkages to field systems and the battle system.

Applying for Positions

If you're interested in any of the positions listed above (or if you believe you're capable of tackling more than one) then send us an email at
in the following format stating:
  • Your full name and brief description of yourself
  • The position(s) you'd like to apply for
  • Samples of work you've done before, relevant to the position(s) you're applying for
  • Your interest in the project and why we should choose you as a member of our team

Thank you!
Thank you all for reading! We look forward to your applications and I hope we can all work together to make Insindious a truly great game!
If you like the project and feel like supporting or following us socially. Check out the links below!

For development progress updates, check out our thread here:

[Image: 6TGip.png]
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Programmer position has been filled! Still in urgent need of mappers!
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All HUD Designer, BG Designer, Pixel Artist and Programmer positions have been filled! Thank you all for your applications and inquiries, it wasn't easy selecting our team.

Voice Acting and Quality Assurance positions will be offered early next year.

Mapping and Level Designer positions are still open with only 3 Positions left!
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All positions have been filled! Thanks to everyone who applied or helped to spread the word about the project. We've added image links to our social media pages, so please check them out if you're interested!
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We're reopening the thread with updated information, samples and even more positions!
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Thread updated! Still looking for a few members. Added some links, preview content, information and changed the email in which you're to send your applications to (please note that change as we won't be able to accept any applications that go to the previous address).
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