I have learned C++ and Java, Where should i start?

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I know C++ and Java. I can do all the exercises given on the tutorial. But this is only basics and I need to know how to put together the basic operations and functions. I wish I could create good Softwares like games than programing in the old traditional consol screen. I have tried unity 3d , Sadly it is good that i did't got mad...the scripting seem to be entirely a new subject. Is there any way that i can easily practice scripting and those stuffs for developing a good game....plz help.
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You may find a novice-friendly tool like GameMaker to be helpful. Do every tutorial you can.

Starting straight into developing games with C++, Java, or even Unity is asking for pain (of varying levels). Start simpler and smaller so you can focus on specific concepts first without having to learn everything at once.
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I did these tutorials for Java:

Java Basics:

Basic Java Game

LibGDX (Framework for Game dev)
This guy isnt too informative, and you need to have some common sense to make use of his tutorial. He seemed to give up the idea of running a tutorial series when I started asking questions about what he was trying to teach. But still, I found it helpful. Of course there are other LibGDX tuts out there or you dont necessarily need LibGDX to write a game and just find a java game dev tutorial and learn.

I also made my own stop watch application in Java, which required me researching various methods/functions etc to make it happen. I used this example as a starting point: http://mooreccac.com/KKode/StopWatch/StopWatch.htm

...and built upon it, making my stop watch a bit fancier. Which is all part of learning. I do actually use it, mostly when I'm cooking dinner and I dont want to burn stuff. lol you know the internet can be such a distraction.


Tried some C++ in the past, but couldnt find good tuts.


Now trying C# and Monogame, but seem to have hit a brick wall; see my thread.
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Maybe with some debug tutorials too
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Hi febinmathew.
As you are familiar with C++ and Java. Now you can go for website development by learning some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. It will take not a long time when you are ready with some interesting website.
Good Luck.
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Libgdx is a good start
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