Snow Leopard and OpenCL

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Watching the WWDC keynote made me realize I should take a poll among my fellow iDevGamers. How do you expect your game development to change with the advent of OpenCL - if it does at all?

I've been following OpenCL for a while, and it seems like a pretty nifty idea. That being said, seeing how graphics-intensive games are, it seems like you'd rather just reserve the card processor for graphics tasks, in the traditional way. Why use your graphics card for physics calculations when it should be calculating, you know, graphics?

That being said, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

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I could see taking advantage of it, but I'm not sure in exactly what median. I could see how it could be taken advantage in tools programming, since it may save time in intensive asset processing or the likes to save production hours.
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It's exactly like you said. If you're already taxing the GPU(s), you're probably not going to get a performance benefit. Being that GPU time is a finite resource, if you have some to spare, you can use it. If not... well, then don't. You can target the CPU cores instead using the same kernels.
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I doubt I'll use it much at all, if any. The vast majority of my projects run on most Macs at 60fps already with little optimization. When they don't, it's usually because they're GPU-bound in some way, and not CPU-bound.

Some games might see benefits from it, but it seems like more of a science app language. Or something like Final Cut Pro or Photoshop that can stress the CPU at times.
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I can imagine a possibility where relatively graphically simplistic games, but computationally intensive, might make use of OpenCL. Perhaps something which involves lots of soft body physics calculations. Maybe Attack of the Killer Blobs 3D! Better boob physics with OpenCL!
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