[PAID] Start selling physical sh!t in your app, get free T-shirts and $250

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We’re former indie devs who need your help. (We’ll give you three free T-shirts and some cash for your time, so please read on…)

For years we struggled with trying to make money with mobile games. The glut of free apps in every marketplace made it hard to sell an app at any price. In-app purchases were never steady and ad revenues trickled in at a painfully glacial pace.

We decided something had to be done for us and for the indie dev community. We all need a way to make money from our apps that doesn’t suck.

So we stepped back, pooled our diverse expertise and rerouted.

The result is StoreFront SDK. It does a few key things: First, it allows you to design custom products (T-shirts, hoodies, buttons, banners, phone cases, etc.). Second, the StoreFront plugin generates a shop within your mobile app where you can sell those custom designed products.

· We set the base prices as low as possible to maximize what you can earn from each sale. Want to earn $10 for each T-shirt sold? Go for it. We will not stop you. And we will not take a percentage of that profit. It’s all yours.

· We saw developers being ripped off by outsiders designing knock-off products using their branding, so we created a system where developers sell their designed products within their app, creating an inarguably official app shop.

· We wanted the setup and implementation to be as easy as possible, so we created an SDK that is called using only a couple lines of code. (We're starting with Unity but iOS and Android native will soon follow).

· We also wanted to be able to update the shop at any time, so we created a web portal where everything can be administered and changes instantaneously take place in the mobile app’s StoreFront.

· Finally, we wanted the store to look like our apps, so we created a simple way to change the shop’s color scheme.

Now we need your help. We need Unity developers to put StoreFront in their apps.

You can sign up at any time at http://www.StoreFrontSDK.com – it is entirely free - and then please email us at jess@storefrontsdk.com with your questions and feedback.

For your help, we’ll give you three free T-Shirts of your own design(s).

And, when your app is live with a few products to sell in your StoreFront, send us a link and we’ll give you $250 for your time and effort.

We truly want this to work for you.

Thank you!
- Jess and the StoreFront SDK Team

UPDATE: We have updated a published iOS game that features StoreFront SDK. If you want to see our plugin in action check out the app and store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/turkey-s...98140?mt=8
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