[Profit Share] Pixel Art Game Designer Required for Medical RPG

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The Story, a short snippet
You are a newbie doctor, just graduated from medical school. Your first day at the hospital you are handed a pager and told that you are on call. Anything and everything that comes through the doors are yours to deal with. Using the notification centre you are bombarded with new patients. You have a panel of tests that you can run them through and need to act on your diagnoses. Every patient saved boosts your XP. You also have a caffeine bar, when it drops below a certain amount, you are too tired to save lives, everything you do gets slower but patients are still dying. You need clinical acumen, time management and prioritization skills to survive. The cases are real and based on my clinical experience. Aimed all health professionals.

Free game with in-app purchases.


Developer ---- Filled
Scripter ----- Filled
Medical Adviser ---- Filled
Pixel Art Game Designer ------ Open
Logo/Title screen art ---- Open

What I can do to return the favour
If you also have a project that needs to be developed, I can help with development and scripting. If you have a video that needs to be edited, I can help with that too.

Via skype/email

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