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Hello! I'm looking to form a group of at least four people to work on a part-time project together. The concept and mechanics have already been established, and once the positions are filled I'll send over an NDA and design document so you can see if it's something you want to be a part of.

The game
[Image: LWuf3q8.jpg]
The game is a 2D zombie strategy survival game - but not quite like the games you've played before. You (the player) will have to find survivors, renovate old buildings, and establish a strong presence to slowly regain control of the map. The game strongly focuses on replayability, making procedurally generated terrain, weather, player biographies (and various other aspects) important. There are both turn-based and real-time mechanics, taking inspiration from games such as X-Com and Dwarf Fortress.

The main achievement is to create memorable and fun game, but also to have a unique sense of progression (achieving specific goals as the player progresses). A complete design document with more information will be sent to you if you become part of the team!

About you
I'm looking for one artist & designer and two programmers confident at using C# - preferably within unity.
You should:
  • Be a mature developer with relevant experience working in the industry (or previous projects to show)
  • Put at least 10-15 hours of work a week towards the development of the game.
  • Have a microphone, Skype and willing to take part in group conversations
  • Be confident in your role in the team, but also be able to work as part of a group
  • Complete a project from start to finish - even during the boring bits!
  • Have a love of video games and making things beautiful and work flawlessly!
    Programmer specific
Use existing libraries & software to integrate into the project (I'd love to create a new game engine - but I'm more interested in using existing tools to create a good game quickly and focus on detail.

About me
I'll be working on art, animation, design and project management (to make sure everything comes together). I'll also me maintaining the web design, community and setting up various systems to help the flow of the game.

I graduated in 2010 with a First in Interactive Media Design. I followed this up immediately with 18 months working for a mobile development company, working on games, interactive content and phone UX and UI. This was followed up by eight months of freelance work (mainly design work) and I'm currently working for a large e-commerce website covering UX, advertising and other graphic design duties. I have a good understanding of OOP and 18 months of working with AS3, and although I'll be working on art and design I'll be able to give input in other areas of development.

Applications will be accepted for the next 4 weeks. Be detailed, let me know who you are, where you live, what games you enjoy playing and what you've done in the past - I'd love to see previous examples of work.

email me at
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