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I've previously had experience with Java, C, C++ and C#.

I had been using Visual Studio on Windows in the past, when messing about creating a very simple 2D game engine.

I am now working exclusively on a Mac, and I'm going to have another bash at some coding (I've been out the game for many years now.) I was looking into using xCode. I tried to download it from the App store and I was notified that I don't have the required version of OSX. I'm very reluctant to upgrade, as I don't want any issues with other software that I currently need to use regularly.

I'm planning on getting a refresher on C++ and possibly getting back into simple game development too. I'm a bit stumped on where to go from here, so was wondering if anyone can recommend an IDE?

I've also been looking into some books on C++, which work with Visual Studio. Is there anything I should watch out for here? Should I be able to follow along with another IDE?

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You can download older versions of Xcode as well from Create a membership, go to Downloads in the Mac Dev Center, and find an older version that runs on the OS version you have.
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Nice tip from Seth! But keep in mind, if you want to actually release something for recent Macs/iOS devices, you will probably need to upgrade eventually.

You could try to do something cross-platform instead. Python, Java. For that matter you might also want to consider Unity3d. That'll take out some of the grunt work for you, but if you prefer to be working on low-level engine stuff then maybe not. There are other engines out there as well but I am not qualified to comment on them.

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I was in a similar situation to you, not wanting to upgrade Xcode. I do actually have an older version that runs on my system 10.8.

But i just dont like Xcode.


Netbeans (I use this for Java)
Eclipse (dont like it, but most tuts for Java are based in Eclipse) (you'll want this for C#) (Mainly Java i think, butI havnt used it, because the free version is not fully featured)

All those IDEs will cater for most languages I believe, some prob better than others.

Out of all of those i have had most experience in Netbeans learning Java, I like it. Eclipse is prob good as well, but there are just too many vesions to pick from, so that becomes a hurdle. I did try a version of it years ago, at that time I hated it. But I think today Netbeans and Eclipse are much of a muchness.

I've had a little go in MonoDevelop actually Xamarin. And so far it seem similar to Netbeans - just not as good. I imagine its really about having a Visual Studio alternative, cross platform on your Mac.

I did do some C, C++ and Obj C tutorials in Xcode a couple of years ago. I dont like the IDE at all and I really don't like Obj C.

I am keen to try Swift (as an alternative to Obj C) though - but that requires an OS/Xcode update, which I'm not willing to do just yet. And I'm not sure I want to use Xcode if I can help it.
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