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Hi, my name is Henrique.

I have a game under development (maybe development is an exaggeration it's more of an idea).

It is a fighting game, intended to be an MMO, the goal of the game is deep customization and fun fighting mechanics, inspirations are games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters. We want it to be easy to play and fast paced, but also hard to master. 3D fighting game with 2D movement (hence the 2.5D name), right now it is just me and an artist (the game original idea is mine), some concept arts are getting done as of right now.

I have a really good idea of how I want the game, so I would work closely with the programmer to get things flowing the way I see them. I have a good understanding of how fighting games works (frame data, states, characters interactions, etc.).

What is done as of right is only a partial Game Design Document.

The whole point of the game is for it to be crowdfunded, so our primary objective right now is to just have something to show to the public to get it funded, my original intention is a small playable demo with 2 characters and 1 stage. Right now we are in need of 3D modelling and animations, and also all of the programming.

Right now our budget is low, but I do have some money to invest on this.

If you are willing to talk and to take a look at the GDD please contact me at:

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