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Hello Guys.

Im KillZoneZ, a 16 year old portuguese student with a dream bigger than his head.

I've loved programming since i remember of it, when i was a kid i saw my dad programming software and i decided that i wanted to do it when i grew up. The years passed and i discovered another love:video games. I then decided to unite both my most loved subjects, programming and gaming, and so i said to myself i would create a video game. I started thinking what should i learn to be able to create a video game, and things got scary really fast. Programming languages for video games were really hard so i had to find an easier way... Browser Games. I started learning HTML and CSS for the basic design of the webpage but now im struggling to find the right languages to use for the events and actions in the game.

Basically, i want to create a browser zombie apocalypse survival where player has hunger thirst, exhaustion, health, and all those survival things. Players could let their character go search for food, water, weapons, clothes in different areas such as parking lots, houses, police stations, hospitals, military bases, airfields, which would unlock themselves when the player reaches determined XP level, where xp is rewarded through scaveging and some random missions. But... how do i do this? I really want someones help to guide my way in.

Sorry for the long post.
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U need a team Smile I think you cant do it at this time.
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