Positions available on new Open World RPG - Pioneer The New World

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What we need

3D Artist(s) x4

[Image: bay1.jpg]

As a 3D Artist, you will be required to produce highly detailed and game optimised models for Pioneer and future projects. You role is key to bringing Pioneer to life.

You may be required to model both or either; organic / stationary objects.

Candidates should be willing to learn and work with other 3D Artists.

It is desirable you have some working knowledge of Unreal Engine, though not essential.

Animation skills would be fantastic but not necessary.

You should be able to texture your models with lifelike textures and be able to document your work process on our project management platform for staff feedback.

We do not ask you have any formal qualifications however we do require you to be able to demonstrate or provide links to your previous work / portfolio.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Create and maintain 3D prop and modular assets
Work with Concept artists and programmers to ensure a smooth work flow from concept to completion
Provide creative input on the development and features of the game
Work within the game design document and project management guidelines
Keep Trello up to date with your progress and be open to critique.
Work to any pre-set deadlines to help keep the project on track
Diligently bug-fix and optimise environment content.

Models should be exported in a popular format and be textured to a game ready state (this is something you may be able to work on with other 3D Artists)

[Image: HighresScreenshot000051.jpg]

Level Designer x1

As a level designer, you will drive the design of engaging environments for the player to explore.

You will create these environments by;

- Researching and applying real world ecological and biological reasoning to level design, this may be in the form of vegetation growth and geological erosion.

- Working with other designers and the programming team to create optimized expansive areas that include dynamic tides, day and night cycles and much more!

- Developing landscape materials for a multitude of environments.

- Understanding world composition and level streaming in Unreal Engine 4.

- You should be familiar or be able to correctly light the scene and use a number of post processing effects to achieve the mood and theme we are looking for.

- An understanding of vegetation in Unreal Engine 4 and the new generation options would be advantageous.

You must have experience in Unreal Engine 4.
The ability to 3D Model would be a massive advantage.

We do not ask you have any formal qualifications however we do require you to be able to demonstrate or provide links to your previous work / portfolio.

[Image: Bear-Logo-Profile-tiny.png]

About CaveBear Games

Hello there!

My name is Jonathon, I am the Co Founder of CaveBear Games.

I am responsible for the management of our existing team and the creative direction of the Pioneer Project. While not acting as a go between for the various members, I like to dabble in Landscape and Level Design. My most recent work on Pioneer includes the conversion and integration of SpeedTree Models into terrain and the development of detailed height maps.

Why I would like to develop Pioneer:

My interest in game design I would say has developed overtime from my passion for gaming. Playing games has lead to me question the reasoning behind certain game mechanics and the quality and time which goes into producing engaging computer games.

Over time this interest lead me to complete a Diploma in Game Design with a close friend. Together we have watched as the quality of games and the time between a title being released has decreased dramatically.
We want to create a title that is fun to play and feels complete.

Pioneer & CaveBear are more than just a hobby. I would love for CaveBear Games to become a financially stable business for both myself and aspiring game developers. A company you can be happy to come into work for.

With this in mind, we do treat CaveBear Games with a professional yet mature attitude.

Current serving members include:

Jonathon - Co Founder
Jiri - Co Founder
Matt - Sound Artist
Daniel - Concept Artist
Richard - Lead Programmer
Eric - Programmer
Adam - Programmer
Patrick - 3D modeller
Scarlett - Concept Artist
Eli - 3D modeller

[Image: Logo-tiny.png]

About Pioneer - The New World

Pioneer - The New World; is an exciting medieval open world game.

This isn't your typical fantasy medieval game or survival game. Pioneer focuses on the best parts of genres such as survival, crafting, sandbox, city building and role-playing games. with a large focus on player interaction and the worlds detail.

Pioneer is currently being described by us, as an open world medieval RPG. While this remains true to a certain point, the full extent of Pioneer is something we believe the games industry has not seen before.

From the players first few moments in the game, it soon becomes apparent the player has been stranded in an undiscovered world. Fighting against the environment the player must satisfy his hunger, thirst, maintaining a healthy character. Hunting and Gathering will play a big part in early to mid part of the game.

As Pioneer is a multi player game, in time the player will meet other players. This may lead to conflict and the formations of families.

Working with other players, you can develop your family house from a small holding to a hamlet and onto a village and town. Progressing through these different stages will unlock additional building and weapon options to help the player progress further.

While most games are focused heavily on combat, Pioneer will also have a more developed 'domestic side' allowing players to 'stay at home', farm and take up tasks and roles within a town.

Exploration is a big point for Pioneer, our world will be expansive, diverse and filled with islands ready to be claimed by righteous groups!


Pioneer is set in the age of exploration. The Roanoke Colony, the first British Colony has been established on the American Continent, trade routes are beginning to be established with far off lands and the discovery of new and fascinating animals and foods are being tasted by European settlers for the first time.

While set in a fictitious map, the world of Pioneer primarily stays the same in terms of ecological diversity and Biomes.

Our focus with Pioneer is to produce a true to life realistic medieval experience, because of this we rely heavily on historical reference.


We offer a revenue share in the Pioneer Project and potential full time position should Pioneer become a success.
While this does not seem to equate to food on tables, this is the only thing we can offer people at this moment in time.
This is a chance to partake in an exciting project that we can only try our very best at.

[Image: character_promotional1.jpg]

Get in Touch!

Please contact us through our website or using the information below:

skype: L00tix / jiri.gerych
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