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Hi Guys

I just wanted to introduce my company
I started this company a years ago, basically selling sheet music (original compositions) for symphony and wind orchestras

A couple of years ago we broke into the gaming scene producing music and sound effects for AAA titles.

We have set up a new website, selling asset music.
Check it out

Theres not a lot on there now, but we will have tons of stuff up in the next couple of weeks
So please stay tuned!

If you want any custom made music or sounds for your project, lets have a chat and we can offer you high quality sounds/music at a competitve price.

and furthermore, all sound designers / composers out there. If you want to collaborate, give us a shout!
We are looking for new talent out there to help build our assets, and selling in the european market

Talk soon and thanks for reading!
I know most composers only read the top and bottom sentence Wink
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