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I'm moving down to Arizona here in a few days, and I have some programming books that I've collected over the last couple of years that I'm not planning on taking with me.

Most of these books are ones that the public library in my town has sold and I've collected with the intent of reading, but never gotten around to, so I have no idea how good the books are. If you'd like a book, I just need enough money to cover shipping Smile I live in Boise, ID, 83702

Here's the list of books:
  • How to Program (in C). 900 pages.
  • J Primer Plus. 515 pages.
  • HTML SourceBook (HTML 3.0). 604 pages.
  • Borlad C++. 278 pages - I have two copies of this one
  • Visual C++ Developers Guide. 1,485 pages.
  • Teach yourself...C++. 252 pages.
  • Turbo C++. 658 pages.
  • Turbo C Programming for the IBM. 518 pages.
  • Essential C++ for engineers and scientists. 363 pages - I have two copies of this one as well
  • J Annotated Archives. 575 pages.
  • STL Tutorial and Reference Guide. 373 pages.
  • Data Structures with Abstract Data Types and Pascal. 427 pages.
  • Teach Yourself JavaScript in a Week. 503 pages.
  • Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX. 808 pages. This one is the only book I actually bought from a bookstore, then I ended up never reading it when I learned that DirectX was pretty much Windows only. The book covers DirectX 9.

If no one wants the books, I'm probably just going to end up donating them back to the library; hopefully they can help someone, though Smile

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Heh nice stuff Smile

I only have 1 book on programming that a friend bought and lent to me, "Learning Cocoa with Objective C", didn't get much from it.

It's hard for me to learn from scratch from a book. They often tend to be a bit too well thought out, so the basics are only explained once, while to "get" them you need quite a few exposures.

To learn new stuff I often use the " google tutorial" technique, reading quite a few different tutorials on the same thing really helps to see what's really going on.

A book IMO is more useful when you got the working basics down, and want to improve.

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Guess it just depends on your style. I started out C++ by reading a book on it, then downloading an editor and trying to apply what I had read Smile

Of course, I go through and read all of the docs on characters and classes before staring a new MMO, too.... Sneaky

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