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I'm planning on porting my Flash game to the iPhone. It's a straightforward Atari 'Combat' style game with a few twists. I'm trying to decide whether to use the Quartz API to implement the rendering engine or dive into the OpenGL ES APIs instead. Being a Flash based game means my rendering code is mostly sprites and some vector graphics for alpha blending and special effects so I don't believe I necessarily need the hardware acceleration OpenGL ES provides and Quartz seems like a better match to Flash since they are both vector based. However, I would hate to discover that performance is not acceptable using Quartz and then have to switch gears in mid-stream.

Be great to hear if anyone has experience with both Quartz and OpenGL ES and can describe what context the APIs are appropriate for. Are most of the simple games in the App store OpenGL? Or are they a mix? Thanks.
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Umm, Quartz is unfortunately too slow for most games on the iPhone. OpenGL ES is mainly used for 2d or 3d games. If you're doing 2d though, check out the cocos2d library for the iPhone (google it, there's one for python and one for the Objective-C/Cocoa (the iPhone)), it handles sprites and such.
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Yes, cocos2d is the best way to begin with 2d Game dev. I spent a month to develop a game. Very simple to use cocos2d
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