[CHIPMUNK] How do I manually check for collision?

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Im using Chipmunk just because I'm too lazy to check for collisions myself.

In my set up, the world has no gravity. The 'body's of my shapes (a ball and a paddle, thing pong) have circular shapes, and have 1 mass and 0 inertia.

How can I put into my tick to check for collisions? Currently I tell the ball to just move, but I'd like to make a collision check in the move function, something like:

ball.collideswith(paddle) or something?
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Chipmunk's collision detection was written to be used from the physics engine itself. Getting just collision detection without physics is not going to be simple. I could go through the steps required to do it, but it would be a waste of both of our time.

The source is free, just look at how it's implemented. The circle to circle and circle to line collision code is very short.

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