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You definitely do not want to attempt to use the HID manager at this stage in your programming career!

Register glutKeyboardFunc() instead.

mikey Wrote:Nope. All the guides tell me to look in /Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/Project Templates/Application, but that path stops at Apple/Developer Tools. I'm running Xcode 3.1 and Mac OS 10.5. Is this a problem?

I don't know. I guess you can try this page.
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I would not suggest using Nehe to learn OpenGL. When I read his tutorials, I found that he didn't actually explain why the code worked - just that it was needed to work. Besides that fact, it teaches pretty bad OpenGL and general software habits.

I'd be more inclined to suggest The OpenGL Superbible 4th edition, or (just because it's very new so it has supposedly been designed to focus on OpenGL 3.0) Beginning OpenGL Game Programming 2nd edition.
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I've asked this question here, but If anyone can answer it here, please do so.

PS. I'll probably ask more questions here, so don't forget about this thread.

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If you happen to take the SDL path, as opposed to the GLUT path, you could stick a call to SDL_PollEvent() in your game loop and be done with it. (Ok, I'm simplifying it a little.) Basically, this checks for current input / event triggers (such as the 'up arrow' key pressed) that you can use to call the proper event function (such as 'move triangle up').

Once you feel more comfortable with game loops and logic (read: not now), you may want to encapsulate the keyboard states in a class that lets you update and use the keyboard without thinking about it.

The moderators in your linked thread are correct - you should take a little more time to become more comfortable with mid-level C (and general programming) concepts like scope, loops, and states.

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