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AnotherJake Wrote:No, you don't get iPhone APIs or Objective-C with GLUT. I'm not trying to counter your Jeff LaMarche suggestion if that's what you're implying -- Aaron put up code (which he has since removed) which used GLUT and needed some help with that.

I was just curious. I was trying to figure out how you made a game if you start with GLUT.
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You can make a game with GLUT, but it's limited as far as the support it provides, although you can use OpenAL for audio. Also, it doesn't work on iPhone. Gotta go with SDL for more support, or Cocoa/Cocoa Touch if you want full support for Mac or iPhone. GLUT's great for learning on the Mac though since it's about as simple an environment to set up as you can get for OpenGL.
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There is GLUT|ES, http://glutes.sourceforge.net/, but it doesn't seem to support iPhone yet, only MS platforms. (Sigh.)
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Aaron what part of Knoxville do you live? Hit me up....
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